Sorry guys, but this blog is pretty much officially over. Thanks to all who watched. Bye!!! 🙂


Hiya, Zippy here. I`m sorry, Pawsrent,Sensei, and Graham, but I can`t do this anymore… 2 Poptropica blogs and one regular is way too much for me. So, as soon as possible, could someone take me off the authors` list?

Well, see ya. ~Zippyfish4

Check it out. First da bad news for non-members.

Our newest island, Reality TV Island, premieres on Poptropica on Wednesday, February 24!

Join the quest to star in a reality television show and compete with other television-obsessed contestants to win a spot on the hit TV show Reality Island.

Play next WEDNESDAY—For Members Only!

Early island access is available exclusively with Poptropica membership. Be among the first to compete for fame on Reality TV Island—become a member today!

Please note: Early access to islands is now only available with membership, and cannot be purchased with credits. Reality TV Island will be open to all on March 24, 2010.

-The Poptropica Creators

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today on my adventures I was especially hungry so I searched high and low for a bite to eat. Luckily for me this new island had a great eating establishment. Is that fish I see?!

The one and only Comic Kid at 2:59 PM
There ya go. I have just brought joy and sadness. Or…  =D and D=

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.
(Oh my gosh, I found the bunny! Oh my gosh, he bit me!)
The one and only Dr. Hare at 1:25 PM
Uhh… Weird..

In the world of Pokemon, a new Pokemon arises: Zorua. Then, somehow, Zorua evolves into Zoroark.

Now, this is a work of non-fiction. That means that there really are Zorua and Zoroark. That’s right. Generation 5. Officialy revealed in Japan. More information coming soon…

The title explains everything…

Monday, February 8, 2010

Get the Midas Touch!


The one and only Shark Boy at 2:26 PM


Membership is here! You would know that if you had been on Poptropica… But, I`m glad you took time to view this!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Poptropica Membership – NOW ONLINE!

The one and only Binary Bard at 9:38 AM
How come nobody posts anymore? I thought I explained that I don`t like posting the same thing 3 times… Whatever, I guess I`ll put up with it…
I won`t like it though! =|