Hi! My name is Soli and I am 8. I have another blog, but I forgot my password for that account. I created this blog for Poptropica, Pokemon, and me (Soli). I post news about those. I like manga and/or anime stuff.

Hi! I’m Graham. I’ll post cool stuff and some graphics. I’m 10 and I live in the U.S.A.

Hi! I’m Pawsrent. I like Poptropica, Pokémon, and LEGO. I’m 11, and I live in a small town in the state of Minnesota.

Hiya! I`m zippyfish4!I LOVE Pokemon and Poptropica! I`m 11,and live in Hardin County,Tennessee. 

Rules: Please don’t be mean. It makes people feel bad.
If you don’t like this blog, don’t look at it!


21 Responses to “About / Rules”

  1. Sensei Says:

    Needs work, I know

  2. Graham Says:

    Hi, Soli.

    Graham, You’ve just been added to my blog staff. Congrats!!!!!

    1. Sensei Says:

      I added you to my blog!

      1. Graham Says:


      2. Graham Says:

        I really don’t play Pokemon. So, I’ll only be posting about Poptropica, mostly.

        OK Graham, feel free! I’m pretty flexible

      3. Graham Says:

        Ok, cool.

  3. Graham Says:

    Could I add some widgets to the side bar and try to make a new header?

    Sure! but please don’t remove any widgets

    1. Graham Says:

      And make a staff page?

      Totally for it!

  4. Graham Says:

    What does PPSB stand for?

    1. Graham Says:

      Wait…I think I just figured it out. “Poptropica Pokemon Soli Blog.”

  5. Graham Says:

    Ok, I added a new header, got an e-mail subscription on the side bar, made a staff page, and got Charlie the Hamster.

    1. Sensei Says:


  6. Sensei Says:

    Did it. Phew! I saved our page!!!!

    1. Graham Says:

      Good. 🙂

    1. Graham Says:

      Hi. Are you trying to copy my name? Anyway, uh, welcome to the PPSB.

    1. Graham Says:

      Thanks! Nice name. 😉

  7. Happy Storm Says:

    Cool, you guys have almost reached your goal!

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