Yep. Poptropica made membership. It’s porbably gonna cost something. You’d think they’d get enough money off of credits. Apperrantly not. Drat. Well, at least it has some relly COOL prizes like you can buy early access passes. 🙂

Zippy- This has been terminated! I mean, uh, updated… 😳 

1st URL:

2nd URL= Prices:  More Details <— Clickeh Here!


I seem to be the only one who bothers to post about Popropica, so lets make this quick.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?
Watson who?
Watson TV today? (Lame!)

The one and only Dr. Hare at 9:06 AM
The next one.
Friday, January 15, 2010

If you’re a fan of Counterfeit Island, you’ll enjoy this new Poptropica wallpaper! (Awesome!)

The one and only Shark Boy at 12:22 PM
Well, now that THAT`S over with, will someone start posting about Poptropica,too?
I`ve been doin’ it a lot lately! =(

That’s right! There’s going to be a new Pokémon game! It’s going to be called, you guessed it, Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light. It will take place in the Oblivia Region, an island chain that is being terrorized by the Pokémon Nappers. It is up to you to defeat them, along with some help from the Legendary Beasts.

What a surprise! I really didn`t see this coming.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fish, my favorite kind of fountain…

You’ll never believe what I saw on my adventures recently. A real fountain in the shape of a fish! Have I ever told you how much I love fish? I think I will like this new island a lot!
The one and only Comic Kid at 12:06 PM
Coming Soon: Fish Island! That would be a bigger surprise than the fountain… 😕

Check it out!

Friday, January 8, 2010

As a hermit I try to avoid meeting people but sometimes it’s hard to find a place to be alone. When I reached this island in the middle of the ocean, I figured I was the only person around for miles. I soon realized this place is full of some of the craziest people I’ve ever seen! Why would anyone run around with a jar of water on their head? It seems dangerous, especially when there’s an angry boar out to get you. I’m going to monitor the situation and see what I can find out.
Could this be the long-awaited Reality TV Island? Only the Creators know…
Hey, Hazmat Hermit actually posted something!

YAY! 😆 I`m overly excited,aren`t I? Wait,I have the right to be excited! Counterfeit Island is available to everyone! There`s even a new Creator`s Blog Post to celebrate it! Can`t let us figure it out ourselves,can ya?

                                “Counterfeit Island is now online!”      


                  0111011101101001011001000110111101110111  Graham: That means “Beware the Black Widow”

 The one and only Binary Bard at 11:15 A.M.

You wouldn`t be the only one if I had CUSTOMIZED YOU!!!!!! Then I could go around scaring people…. MWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!!!!

Man,I miss out on SO much!

This has been the one and only zippyfish4!

    Oh, and YAY! My 2nd post!!!

We have a new villian on our hands! Can the cops handle this one? He is after all, the king of the underworld. That’s right…HADES!!!

Here is a post straight from the underworld:

I decided to rise from the Underworld and see how the new island is coming along. Not quite as cool as where I’m from, but it should be fine for you living, breathing *gag* mortals.

Animadverto vos nunc 😉

By: Hades avatar image

Yep. Could this ba a new island? Could it be…Mythology island? We’ll find out soon enough. Oh, and  “Animadverto vos nunc” means “Start thinking about it now.” Oh, I’m thinking about it all right. *starts thinking*  I’m thinking about Hades, Mythology island, that statue, and a ham sandwich. 😀 See ya soon! 😉